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Evolve Learning System for Nursing Students

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Many nursing students will be required to use the Evolve Learning System located at


Login Help:


Your username and password were created during the Nursing orientation session.   Your username is your first initial + last name + number (the number depends on how many incidences of your name have already registered with Evolve.)


If you cannot remember your username or password:


            Click on “I forgot my login information” (under the Submit button).  

            Fill out the 2nd section by entering your First Name, Last Name, and E-Mail Address

                     and then click on the Submit button.  

            You should receive an email with your username and password to the email address

                     used when you configured your account during orientation.


Online Books:


Online books that have been assigned were most likely setup during orientation and will be available under the Resources section (left side).  If you do not have a Resouces section, you can follow these steps to view books that your instructor has pre-assigned for the class by following these steps:


             Enter the name of the author of the book in the search box (upper right).  Refer to the

                     syllabus for the author.


             From the results, locate and select the edition of the book that is assigned (refer to your

                     syllabus for the edition).  Then, follow any prompts that are presented.


Thereafter, the book should be listed under the Resources section (on the left).   The first time you access a book, you may be required to fill in some biographical-type data.  However, an access code is not needed for the book resources.    


Case Studies:


You must be enrolled in case studies by your professor or your professor must provide a Course ID to be used to self-enroll in case studies.  To self-enroll:


            Search for “case studies” in the search field at the top-right of the screen.

            Click on the applicable result (the appearance of the icon should somewhat match the

                     front of your Evolve User Guide). 

            Click on Enroll here.

            Enter the Course ID obtained from your professor, click on the yellow arrow, and then

                     proceed as prompted.


Testing and Remediation:


This site may also be used for testing and remediation.   As online exams are assigned and completed, the left side expands to include more options.   Login credentials for the exams are provided by your instructor on the day of testing.


Additional Technical Support:


If additional assistance with the Evolve site is needed, please contact Evolve support by using the link below which offers a knowledge base, help ticket submission, and telephone support information.


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