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Knowledge Base: Voice Mail Configuration - CISCOPCA Tool

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Voice Mail Configuration - CISCOPCA Tool 



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This help article pertains only to faculty and staff that utilize UTB voice mail.
Voice mail can be configured via phone by following the instructions at this help article --> Voice Mail Configuration or by using an online configuration tool as explained below.  
Forgotten passwords The CISCOPCA online tool must be used to reset your password (see instructions below). 
How to:
The Cisco Personal Communications Assistant (CISCOPCA) is a web-based tool that you can use to configure your voice mail.  You may use this tool to change your password, transfer your calls to another extension, turn off message counts, modify playback settings, enable greetings, record greetings, etc.
Please view the tutorial at the link below to learn how to utilize this application:
(please view the tutorial at above link first...)
N O T E !!  - The first time you use the ciscopca tool, you will be prompted to install an activex control.   Right click on the notification at the top of your brower window (right below the menu bar) and select the option to install it.
Vista users:
If you are running the Vista OS, upon launching the CISCOPCA site, you may be prompted to add the site as a trusted site:

ciscopca error

To add the ciscopca site as trusted follow the instructions given in the error notice.   For step 5, the site name should automatically be added (without having to type it in..)

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Created at 3/2/2009 12:06 PM  by Donna Ceglar 
Last modified at 1/30/2014 11:42 AM  by Donna Ceglar