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System Access - Scorpion Online - Blackboard - Webmail - etc

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MyPassword Tutorial Links:    brochure for new students     video tutorial
The article below provides additional information such as username format, information for new students, faculty, and staff, etc..
General Information:
Access to the major systems is controlled with a single set of credentials. 
Your username is in the following format:

           Initial of First Name + Initial of Last Name + UTB ID #   (Initials must be CAPITALIZED)

           For example - Mary Garcia, UTB ID 0123456

                 Username would be - MG0123456




Current Students: 


     The same set of credentials is used for Webmail, Blackboard, and Scorpion Online.   If you are not

     able to log in, please utilize the MyPassword utility available at   This

     utility allows you to reset your password or unlock your account 24-hrs a day.  Passwords cannot

     sent via email.   Click here to go to MyPassword located at


New Students:


     If you have not done so already, please follow the steps below to create a myPassword profile

     and change your password.  Your initial password is the on the letter sent to you from the 

     Admissions department. This will sync your credentials for use with Blackboard, Scorpion

     Online, and Scorpion Domain Login (PC logon).  Your email account should be created one week

     before the start of class.   You will be sent an email to your preferred email address on file notifying

     you of your UTB email address.


Faculty and Staff:


     After you are setup in the system by Human Resources, you must use your initial password

     provided by Human Resources to create a myPassword profile and change your password

     following the steps below..   This will sync your credentials for use with Blackboard and Scorpion

     Online, and Scorpion Domain login (PC logon) (Click here to request an email mailbox).


MyPassword Tool (click here to access)

     Step One - click on "Edit my Profile."   Follow the prompts to set up your questions and answers.

          (Students - log in with the password you received from the Financial Aid or Registrar's office.)

          (Faculty/Staff - log in with the password you received from Human Resources)

               Note - Faculty & Staff must also request a mailbox with this web request.

     Step Two - Click on "Reset my Password"

     Step Three - Use your NEW password to access Blackboard, Scorpion Online, Webmail, etc..


Note to staff and faculty:  Before changing your password, please close Microsoft Outlook on all computers that you are logged into.   After changing your password, reboot your computer and log back in with your new password.


Once you have a myPassword profile, you may use myPassword to unlock your account or reset your password 24 hours a day!



Additional Help:


If you need help, please contact the Help Desk via the request link on the home page of this Scorpion Virtual Help Desk (click on the Home tab), or by calling 882-HELP (4357).


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